Plant playlists and podcasts

Great listens to boost your forest bathing experience
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As part of our takeover of Leman Locke, we created binaural beats playlists on Spotify for each of the rooms and loaded the in-room iPads with our pick of the best plant podcasts. We've decided to share them with you so that you can join in the urban jungle experience wherever you may be, and forest bathe in your own plant haven. If you're feeling inspired by the power of plants, then tune in to a playlist or podcast and channel your inner botanist.

jungle suite at leman locke

Spotify plant playlist

To create a fully immersive plant experience at Leman Locke, we created a unique playlist for each forest suite, to boost the effects of Productivity, Romance and Tranquility. There are also specially-curated binaural beats tracklists for focus and creativity, pleace and relaxation, or simply a good night's sleep. If you can't make it to our suites or you want to recreate the experience at home, then plug in to one of these playlists and you'll be on your way. 

ON THE LEDGE with Jane Perrone

This weekly podcast dose of botanical inspiration is all about indoor gardening. It will help you master growing everything from Aloe vera to zebra plants. Host Jane Perrone’s no-nonsense style and agony aunt format wraps you in a warm cocoon of practicality that will have you hooked in no time.


Home to our very own Mr Plant Geek – designer of the stunningly beautiful Tranquil Suite, this podcast is about literally anything that can be traced back to plants. Find out about everything from seasonal botanical based drinks to clothes made from plants or the herbs you can find in your local neighbourhood.


Almost five years old now, this pioneering plant podcast shines a light on the incredible work being done all over the world to protect plants and preserve our fragile ecosystem. It’s life affirming and uplifting, providing a weekly reminder that contrary to what it can sometimes feel like, there are plenty of people out there that care passionately about our plants and planet.


Not strictly a podcast about plants but a gripping dystopian environmental thriller featuring a bespoke soundscape “mixed in binaural to create an immersive 3D experience for the listener”. Be sonically transported back 400 million years to when the first forests grew.


We hope you enjoy listening! Share a forest bathing picture with us on social media with the hashtag #thejoyofplants and let us know about your own favourite plant podcasts