Jasmine: Far Eastern fairytale

Perfume for the home that grows, flowers and climbs

The scent of Jasmine is unique. Sweet and Eastern, but also lively.  It’s used to evoke happiness in aromatherapy; to trigger a sense of harmony and optimism. In the world of perfume, Jasmine is viewed as the King of Oils (the rose is the queen),  because it’s the most masculine of all floral oils. Most of the Jasmine used in the perfume industry is grown in Spain, France and Egypt. 

Incredibly popular fragrance ingredient 

Jasmine is an incredibly popular ingredient for perfumes - you can find it in more than 150 well-known fragrances, of which the best-known are Alien by Thierry Mugler, J'Adore by Dior, and Le Jasmin by Annick Goutal. They’re all mixed with other fragrances, most often with the related Gardenia. Anyone looking for pure Jasmine should turn to essential oils, such as Jasmine sambac oil or the Arabian Oud pure perfumes. However, they’re quite heavy, so it’s a matter of careful dosing.   

Also suitable for home cultivation

The reason that the fragrance is so strong is because 8000 hand-picked flowers go into 1ml of pure Jasmine oil. That’s quite an effort, so you could just place the houseplant in your home. It adds a lovely fragrance to your home and is also a little less overwhelming, and lovely to look at thanks to those lovely flowers and pretty green leaves. It can also climb and hang beautifully, and if you pick off a Jasmine flower which has almost finished flowering and rub it on your skin, you too will smell gorgeous. 

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