How to make a botanical apéro bar cart

The 5 ingredients for a showstopper

The bar cart is hot, hot, hot and an essential element in your apéro. Obviously it handy and practical to have all your drinks to hand, but we know how to transform a bar cart into your number 1 home accessory. How? Like this:

Autumn How to make a botanical apéro bar cart

Ingredient 1 - The bar cart

An attractive copper bar cart, a vintage specimen from your great-aunt or a sleek industrial trolley - that’s where it all starts. Polish the glass, choose a good spot and on to ingredient 2.

Ingredient 2 - The green base

Obviously your base is green. Place a collection of your finest botanical favourites on the bottom shelf. These might include the missionary plant and a modest fern. Plants in an attractive glass earn bonus points, as do beauties under a dome.

Ingredient 3 - Your finest glasses

Bring out your finest glass heirlooms and given them a polish. Champagne glasses, whiskey tumblers, engraved cocktail glasses: get them ready for the magnificent drinks that will be produced in the kitchen. And obviously you need to sample them before serving …

Ingredient 4 - Vases with content

Yes, flowers! Just like the glasses and plant pots, you can make a feature out of a couple of bouquets. Select a couple of eye-catching vases, mix old with new, colour with plain and glass with ceramic. And then fill them with dahlias, Gloriosa and rosehips. You’re almost ready.

Ingredient 5 - An interesting object

Maybe the conversation could do with a kickstart. Or perhaps your bar cart is lacking a bit of personality or je ne sais quoi. An art book, a display object or a personal photo makes your bar car entirely apéro-ready. Hey, there’s the doorbell!

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