Temptress with Hawaiian links

This tropical beauty has spectacular flowers which compel you to daydream about far away white, sandy beaches. Give it a regular watering and a light position with space to grow and it will reward your care with flower after flower.


The leaves of the Hibiscus are keen to show off: they shine and try to steal the show with their lovely oval shapes and sharp points. But they can’t compete with the main attraction of the Hibiscus: its flowers. They are so beautiful! The festive flowers blossom in red, orange, yellow, purple, pink, white and bi-coloured. Are you already dreaming of white beaches, the lapping waves of the sea and the Hawaiian Hula dancers? That’s great because it means that this houseplant is making you feel nice and relaxed. Before we forget: the Hibiscus is also available for outdoors, as a standard or shrub.

Birthplace of the Hibiscus

Although the Hibiscus may make you dream of Hawaiian beaches, it actually originates from South East Asia. It grows there as a shrub and if it has enough room, it can grow up to four metres high.  Did you know that the Hibiscus is associated with exceptional beauty? In Borneo, that is the reason why it has been a tradition for centuries that brides wear a Hibiscus flower in their hair.