Hello heavenly flower

The hibiscus is certainly not a wallflower. With her spectacular flowers she makes your head spin and set your heart aflame.

Colours and shapes

Let’s start with hibiscus’ leaves. They offer a shining greeting, and have an attractive oval shape with a pointy tip. The real features are its flowers in red, orange, yellow, purple, pink, white or with two colours per flower. As the icing on the cake some varieties also have a coloured heart.


The plant has many different symbolic meanings, depending on the region where the plant blooms. For example, on Borneo brides wear a hibiscus flower in their hair because it symbolises exceptional beauty.


The roots of the hibiscus lie in South-west Asia where it grows wild as a shrub in (sub-)tropical regions. There are some 200 species, some of which are used to make hibiscus tea. But your plant is not suitable for consumption - it only serves as eye candy.