Hibiscus in your bridal bouquet

Just this once you're allowed to cut a flower off your houseplant
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In Borneo, brides traditionally wear a hibiscus flower in their hair as a symbol of exceptional beauty. You too can give the flower a starring role at your wedding, for example in your bouquet. How lovely! 

Hibiscus flowers look beautiful in your bridal bouquet

Hibiscus - bridal flower 

The hibiscus is certainly not a wallflower. These flowers are large and conspicuously coloured, and have a tropical personality. That makes this flower a perfect candidate for your bridal bouquet. So just this once you're allowed to cut a blooming flower off your houseplant. Your florist can also help you with your bridal bouquet, but we think that the combination of hibiscus with bougainvillea, roses, lilacs, alstroemeria, lisianthus and carnations shown in the photograph is lovely. 

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