Green trend: Cyclamen with a twist

Visual gags help your plants shine even more

Sometimes you need a release. Find it at home by throwing all the styling rules out the window. It’s time for 100% fun. And there’s no plant that’s up for a laugh more than Cyclamen! 

Green trend: Cyclamen with a twist

Over the moon 

Why worry about the days getting shorter? Let’s be frivolous, with lots of colour to create a light-hearted mood. And it doesn’t take much effort to create a visual gag like this. Stick orange stickers on both the pot and the beautiful Cyclamen. By carrying through the spots, they look like they’re just lying there loose. The green leaves are sturdy, they can cope with the odd dot. What do you think? Precisely - you can’t keep your eyes off it!

Alpenveilchen – Pflanzenfreude.deCacophony of colour 

Room divider or room joiner? This climbing frame shows off your Cyclamens beautifully. And the pom-poms echo the spots that you’ve used elsewhere. The trick is to be brave enough not to worry too much about perfect colour matching. The colours can clash a bit. What you’re trying to do is create an eyecatcher. Got more space? Then check out this Cyclamen installation.

Cyclaam Mooiwatplantendoen.nlCartoon Cyclamen

Stick brightly coloured paper on cardboard. Cut out pot shapes, and outline them with a thick felt pen. The 2-D pots look utterly Warhol. Cheerful art with a twist.  An eye-catching row of Cyclamens that look like they’ve popped out of a comic book. It draws even more attention to your beautiful plants!