From throwing away to giving away

Just like springtime, autumn requires some tidying work in the garden. Aim to get everything out of the way early in order to maximise your time feeling warm and snug at home or in your den. Now, you can relax: the garden is pruned, the shed is tidied and all the unnecessary bits and bobs are gone from the living room, creating a space for outdoor plants that want to shelter indoors. In all this tidying up, you're bound to have come across forgotten trinkets and stray plants to tie together into a fabulously eyecatching ornament. Why throw things away when you can upcycle them into gifts for friends, family, and yourself as well.

A bundle of Joy


There are always a few rebel branches on your plants that are pointing in the wrong direction, flowers that bend and no longer fit with the bunch, or dried leaves on stems that are just too pretty to throw away. The good news is, you don't have to discard them. Instead, recycle and upcycle plants with potential by tying them into a tiny bouquet with some rustic jute string, a fun clip or a big and colourful clothes peg. 

Decorate or give away

Suspend the green ornament from a kitchen hook or interior door frame for to create an attractive seasonal artwork. If you're paying a visit to family, take your creation with you as a fun gift for your parents or grandmother.


Hang the plant bundle from a black ladder for effect, and combine it with some eyecatching plant prints or embroideries — plus some great plants! We opted for the wax plant, succulent and yucca.