From the garden into the vase

A lush bouquet

You are, of course, justifiably proud of your garden. The plants develop fabulous leaves and flowers in the summer and brighten up every day. Bring their cheerfulness indoors by picking some flowers here and there in the garden. This is also good for many plants, since they develop new buds after the flowers have been picked and continue to bloom for longer. You can use the garden flowers to freshen a cut flower bouquet, fill small vases that you scatter around the house, or create a bouquet that you can display on the garden table. From the garden into the vase! 


Combine and experiment

To create a nonchalant garden bouquet, alternate different shapes of flowers at different heights. Combine the large flowers of the hydrangea with the slim sheaves of Salvia (sage) and then supplement the bouquet with the pale green flowers of lady’s mantle.

Hebe with its lovely foliage creates extra volume in this sort of bouquet. Of course roses and sunflowers (Helianthus) are key items in a summer bouquet.





Keep on enjoying flowers in the garden

In order to enjoy your garden bouquet for as long as possible, use a clean vase and fill it with water mixed with cut flower food. Make sure the leaves on the stems of the flowers do not dangle in the water.

Tip: A pair of pruning shears is handy.  These special shears are also ideal for cutting exhausted flowers off a plant.