Garden flowers that bloom all summer long

Enjoy the summer until October

It’s only truly summer when you can smell the fragrance of blooming flowers and plants from a hammock in the garden. Or do you prefer to start the day on your green balcony with a fresh cup of coffee? Whatever your favourite outdoor moment might be, you would probably prefer to surround yourself with plants that flower all summer long. Summer-flowering annuals are particularly known for their endless blooming. That means you can keep enjoying summer through to October. How great is that?

Hanging gardens


  • Regularly remove exhausted flowers. That will prevent the plant from putting its energy into making seeds, and it will make new buds instead. Try using flowers from the garden for a fantastic bouquet.
  • Once a plant is a bit exhausted, prune it right back. A second flowering will often follow.
  • Summer-flowering annuals in particular bloom best if the plant is fertilised from time to time. To do this you can mix liquid plant food with the water in your watering can.
  • If you are more of a ‘do it once’ type, you can buy special food pellets that you insert in the soil beside your plant. 

If you’re already looking forward to enjoying this season, we have selected five summer-flowering annuals and five perennial plants and shrubs that flower all summer long to serve as inspiration.

Top 5 summer-flowering annuals

1. Mandevilla, a climber with white, pink and red flowers that can carry on flowering right into the autumn.

2. Petuniais an ideal plant for use in pots and containers. To brighten up hanging baskets, you should choose a petunia with a trailing habit. 

3. Geranium to create a real party on your patio or balcony, mix several colours of geranium together.

4. Cosmea looks good planted in a bed, and has fantastic foliage. You can enjoy this flower all summer long, both in the garden and in the vase, because the Cosmea is a beauty indoors.

5. Busy Lizzy keeps flowering tirelessly all through the summer in beautiful bright colours. It doesn’t even need to be in full sun.

Top 5 perennial plants and shrubs

1. Verbena, a fantastic plant that flowers all through the summer. With its slim stalks, it doesn’t take up much room, and butterflies love it!

2. Hydrangea can tolerate quite a lot of shade, flowers for a long time, and the flowers remain beautiful well into the autumn. They sometimes change colour completely from pastel pink to green. After flowering you can enjoy the dried heads.

3. The purple wallflower blooms from spring until well into the summer. This evergreen is also very beautiful in winter thanks to the grey-green foliage.

4. Gaura lindheimeri flowers inexhaustibly all summer long. The flowers look just like butterflies dancing around the plant. This plant thrives both in beds and in pots.

5. Repeat-flowering roses flower on into the autumn, as the name suggests. It’s best to embrace the nonchalant look of this endless bloomer and leave it to its own devices throughout the summer.