February in the garden

Reinvigorate your garden love affair
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You’ve been together a while, you and your garden. You invest love, time and energy in the relationship, and the garden gives back shining leaves, abundant blossom and scented flowers in return. But the passion seems to have gone out of the affair over the last few months. You spend most your time indoors, and your outdoor area looks a bit abandoned, bare and droopy. What now? Give one another a garden surprise this month!

Rediscover your garden 

You can re-establish your relationship with the outside world in February. Grab a warm coat, and take a stroll outdoors. If it's looking a bit grey and unwelcoming, then devote yourself to giving your garden a loving, blooming boost. These green sweethearts will do fine in the winter:

Potted bulbs 

It’s no surprise that they’ve been chosen as the Garden Plants of the Month for February. Potted bulb plants are the Hyacinth, Daffodil and Grape Hyacinth, and they lend colour, fragrance and energy to your garden. So they’re ideal for expressing your love for nature.

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Heart-shaped petals in delicate shades: the Primrose is the perfect candidate for expressing love. The plant won’t flower til March, but that gives you both something to look forward to.

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A daisy is perfect for ‘he loves me, he loves me not’ on Valentine’s Day, which falls in the middle of this month. The plant’s Latin name, Bellis, derives from 'bellus', which means beautiful or charming — which the daisy is, because it flowers in February, for an instantly beautifying effect.

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With the Forget-me-not you don’t need to say anything in order to declare your love to your outdoors. This plant flowers from January onwards, and its blue, white or pink flowers mean you will never forget your garden. So feast your eyes.

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Winter viola

If we tell you that the ancient Greeks and Romans grew violas to make viola wine, a love potion, you will understand why this is a perfect plant for a February garden. It's a gentle knight that makes few demands and provides plenty of colour.

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Spindle tree

This high-spirited green character gives your garden an instant ‘va va voom’ factor. Which means you’ll be more likely to gaze at your terrace and think about your reinvigorated love affair.

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The willow, or Salix, is a tree that shows that your romance can reach great heights. A message that can make a big impression on Valentine’s Day.

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With all those new colours in the garden, you will have plenty of butterflies in your tummy and you and your patio will feel the first urges of spring awakening. Your garden is happy, you’re happy. Happy February.