DIY: unusual plant locket

Create living memories

There’s a locket round your neck with a photo of your loved one, your offspring or maybe even your beloved pet. Sometimes you find yourself playing with the locket’s clasp and sometimes, when you’re travelling or waiting for the bus, you open the pendant and get lost in the eyes of that special somone. It warms your heart, even on dreary autumn days. Give your locket a (temporary) upgrade with flowers and plants - to lend a bit of cachet on a grey day.

DIY: unusual plant locket -

What you need

  • Locket (if you don’t already have one)

  • Flowers and plants (craspedia, eucalyptus, blackberry)

  • Thin wire

  • Photo glue

  • Optional: fishing line

Get to work

Select flowers and leaves which combine well together from your autumn bouquet to complement the locket. We opted for yellow craspedia, mysterious-looking eucalyptus and blackberry - a seasonal favourite. These can be easily secured using a thin wire, available from craft shops. To keep the stems in place, fix them with a couple of drops of photo glue. If you don’t have any wire or photo glue, fishing line is another option for tying things together.

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