DIY-tip: trendy hangout for your Narcissi

This original basket bursting with Spring is a welcoming sight!
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Narcissi can’t help but cheer you up: that's why the Narcissus is the Houseplant of the month for February. The fresh colours and clamorous trumpets help you get through the final dark days, and the attractive sleek lines also fit perfectly with the graphic style trends so popular right now. Hang this modern basket on your coat hook and you’ll be able to enjoy weeks of cheerful welcomes when you come in the door. It's very easy to make, even if you’re not so good with your hands. 

DIY: Stylishe Aufhängung für die Narzisse  - Pflanzenfreude

What you need: 

  • Lacquered metal basket (Ikea)

  • Pots of narcissi

  • Piece of pond liner or tarpaulin (a sturdy rubbish sack may also suffice)

  • Rope for hanging up the basket

  • A piece of black fabric and a red T-shirt

  • Knife and scissors

DIY Narcis

Step 1
Weave a couple of strips of black fabric through the bottom of the basket up to the top edge of the pots of narcissi. Cut a strip out of the red T-shirt and pull it round the top edge of the basket.  

DIY Narcis

Step 2
Cut the plastic generously around the basket, and place it in the basket in such a way that a base with standing edges is created.

DIY Narcis

Step 3
Take the narcissi out of the plastic pots and place them close together in the basket. Tie black rope to the handles and hang the basket up: for example on the coat hook or another spot where you will see it regularly. 

DIY Narcis
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