DIY tip: Trendy hanging basket for your Ivy

Let your Ivy relax by hanging it in this sturdy basket

The Ivy, Houseplant of the month of April, grows really quickly and also produces the prettiest leaves with patterns like a watercolour. You can admire these leaves even better if you hang the houseplant up in this trendy hanging basket. And you can make it yourself! 

This is what you need: 

  • Ivy 
  • Basket

  • Soil

  • Clay pebbles

  • Strong plastic

  • A couple of pieces of saddle leather

  • A4 paper

  • 4 Spring hooks

  • Stanley knife

  • Screwdriver

  • Ruler

  • Scissors

  • Bradawl

  • String

Benodigdheden voor jouw DIY hanging basket voor de Klimop
This is how you make it:

DIY-tip: Hippe hanging basket voor je Klimop - stap 1
Step 1:

Use the paper to cut a template for the handles – you will see the shape on the photo. Place this template on the leather and ‘draw’ with the bradawl around the template, on the leather. Cut the shape out with the Stanley knife. It is easier to use a ruler to keep your knife straight, when cutting the long sections. Do this four times.

DIY-tip: Hippe hanging basket voor je Klimop - stap 2
Step 2:

Cut a cross in the leather on the round side of the handles, which will be the top part of the handle. Make the cross a bit larger with the screwdriver. Pull the leather under the upper edge of the basket and push the spring hooks through the holes. Attach the string to the spring hooks.


DIY-tip: Hippe hanging basket voor je Klimop - stap 3
Step 3:

Line the basket with thick plastic and add a layer of clay pebbles. This is handy as a buffer if you overwater it sometimes as it will prevent root rot. Place the soil on top and plant the Ivy in the soil.


Hang the basket by the string, to the ceiling, preferably in a light position, but not in full sun. Ensure that the Ivy doesn’t get too wet. Bear in mind that they are hanging higher and therefore warmer, so they will evaporate more water than plants at ground level.

Check out your hanging Ivy!