DIY: designer pot for ZZ plant

Geometric beauty brings peace to the home

Its noticeably regular branches means that ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia), houseplant of the month for January, has a strong designer look. It will look gorgeous in a handmade pot. This example, with graphic surfaces, references the trend for geometric interiors, but the natural cork respects the plant's own beauty. Use our handy template to help you get started.

Zamioculcas DIY

What you need:  

  • 1 ZZ plant in a small pot
  • Sturdy black cardboard
  • Template
  • Ruler, glue
  • Scissors, sharp knife
  • Plastic bag
  • Black tape
  • Sheets of pressed cork

How to make it:  

Step 1: 

Download the template for the pot here and save it as a PDF. Take the pot the size of your ZZ plant as the starting point, and enlarge the PDF until it matches the pot size. Then print out the template.

Step 2:

Trace the template onto the black cardboard and cut it out along the edges. Fold over the edges of the template's 'arms' and stick them together so that they form a pot.

Step 3: 

Cut the sides’ trapezium shape out of the cork and stick it on the sides. Fix a sturdy plastic bag inside the pot using black tape. Then place the ZZ plant inside it. The plant's powerful appearance is nicely emphasised by the strong lines of your brand new pot.