Delectable tea from your own garden

Enjoy fresh hibiscus and warm ginger

The ultimate relaxing outdoor feeling comes from wandering into your own garden to pick fresh ingredients for a cup of tea. 

Delectable tea from your own garden

Tea with a red glow 

You probably bought your Hibiscus because of the fantastic flowers but rest assured, the plant is quite happy to sacrifice a couple of blooms from time to time for a lovely cup of tea. It flowers so lavishly that there are still plenty left. Hibiscus sabdariffa and Hibiscus sinensis are the species that you can make tea* from. Pick the flowers** when they have just fully opened and allow 2 flowers per cup. Wash before use, then leave the petals to brew for 14-15 minutes in hot water that is just off the boil, and then sieve them out. Enjoy it on your patio with a view of all the beauty your garden has to offer - you really can become one with nature. 

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Homegrown ginger tea 

There’s no spice as versatile as ginger. It’s warming on a chilly day, good for the digestion, a home remedy against nausea and also delicious in Eastern dishes and as a tea. If you place a ginger root on a layer of potting soil, it will sprout and produce new roots of its own accord. You can grate them and mix them into your smoothie, or cut them into slices and steep them in hot water to make a fragrant, spicy tea. Kitchen gardening doesn’t come simpler than that! 

*You shouldn’t drink hibiscus tea if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding or undergoing hormone treatment. It may contain substances which affect the amount of oestrogen and testosterone in your body.  

**PLEASE NOTE:  Make sure you always use flowers that have not been treated with pesticides to make sure they are safe for consumption.