Decorate your Christmas tree with plants

A sustainable way to feel festive

Maybe you fancy giving your Christmas tree a different look this year, or you're after a sustainable alternative to tinsel and glitter. This year, decorate your tree with plants and leaves and fill the home with festive greenery.


Green+ green = supergreen

When you see the picture-perfect finish, you'll understand why adorning your Christmas tree with plants is a perfect festive pairing for plant lovers. Picture attractive white and purple leaves on the pine-scented branches, and think of the various textures, shapes and colours as nature's own ornaments. Combine with sparkling lights and glass baubles for an inspired approach to Christmas decoration.

Plants on plants

At the garden centre, choose a series of intricate and visually attractive miniature plants that you can hang easily in the tree. Water them beforehand so that they won't wither, then position them on branches with hooks. Note: plants weigh more than normal baubles, so make sure to hang them on strong branches, close to the trunk. If your indoor plants have stray leaves, you can also use them as individual hanging decorations. Then step back, and marvel at the rich, green Christmas spirit.

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