Commitment free plants: sporty or chic?

Bursting with energy with red and green!
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The national colours of the Portuguese football team. The Red Vs Green Hulk game. The tartan of the Scottish Buchanan clan. Red and green really are not just for Christmas. 

The combination of red and green suits daredevils and forward-thinking men of fashion. And it looks great on plants for men such as Devil’s Ivy. The red highlights the green of beautiful leaves. And the plants are attractive natural elements which provide extra energy for your home as oxygen generators
Manly plants: sporty or chic?

Bursting with energy!  


Red and green are colours which are also increasingly appearing on the catwalk.  If you’re more adventurous and creative than sporty, this is your fashion match: sporty stripes, red and green and plant motifs from Walter van Beirendonck. If you like this, Croton is definitely the plant for you! 

Chic & fashionable 

If you think exercise is something that mainly belongs in the gym, but you do want to be on trend, you can also create the look with moss green and muted red, as here from Oliver Spencer. In that case a contemporary, self-assured Philodendron is your best match.