Cat grass

A must-have for every house cat owner

If you and your house cat are longing for a piece of outdoors in your home, cat grass - also known as Hordeum or Cyperus alternifolius 'Zumula’ - offers a fresh green colour and is extremely strokable. For your cat, the plant acts as a palate cleanser, and for you it’s a beautiful addition to your decor. So that makes it a win-win all round!

Colours and shapes

Cat grass is best described as a patch of grass indoors. In fact cat grass is simply wild barley sown in a pot, and cats adore it. As a result they leave other plants alone. Which is good news, because it means you can leave your monstera, cactus and orchid safely unattended.


Cat grass provides fibre, vitamins and essential nutrients for a lazy toms and sweet kitties. It also helps get rid of hairballs. It’s ideal for a pampered house cat who cannot venture out to enjoy the grass outdoors. How (p)awesome is that?!


Cat grass is actually a simple wild barley from the Middle East. It’s related to the umbrella plant, and is grown especially for your cat. So never give your plant any plant food!