An altar to remember

Where memories and plants come together

Because it makes you smile. Because you want to stop and remember past times more consciously. Because it’s beautiful ... or unusual. Because it already has a special place in your heart, and now also deserve a special place in your home. Create an altar to remember. A place to commemorate, but particularly to enjoy.  

Altar -

Believe in love

An altar certainly doesn’t need to have any religious significance. If you like, it can be a place where you enjoy great memories of travelling or where you proudly display your daughter’s gymnastics trophies. But you can also make it a calm space where you consciously stop to think about those who have passed on and the things you miss. A corner dedicated to love. 

Something old, something new...

You’re probably familiar with the marriage rhyme 'Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue'. That partly applies to your altar as well. Combine the old with the new, the living with inanimate, the colourful with the sombre. Take the time to choose items carefully. Study how they go together in terms of colour, fragrance and materials. 

Adding flowers and plants

The vintage photo of granny in her garden could be complemented with a small vase with her favourite flower, a feather that you found together on the beach, a branch with a scent that reminds you of cosy visits. A small glass dome is just big enough for a fantastic leaf or a lovely seasonal reminder. A stylish frame filled with dried botanical beauties serves as a backdrop. The smell of incense fills the room and carries you off into your thoughts. Will you opt for a familiar fragrance, or will you make a new memory?

There’s no such thing as right or wrong

It’s completed when you feel it is. There’s no such thing as right or wrong. But it can be nice to change the altar every so often. Give it some fresh flowers, new branches or mix up the layout. You can also play with the location.  Move it from the sideboard to a spot on the windowsill. Or think outside the box: even the bathroom shelf can feature a mini-altar.