2017 style trends

Tastes vary, inspiration in abundance!

Every year has its own mood, its own look & feel and its own style - when it comes to fashion and interiors, and when it comes to flowers and plants. Here are the big trendsetters for this year. 

Watching, selecting, analysing data and intuition: these are the ingredients from which we have distilled four distinctive style trends for 2017 in collaboration with a trendwatcher. The associated ideas influence the way in which you look at plants, how you use them indoors and outdoors and how you display them in a contemporary, appealing way. Be inspired by the beauty that this year has to offer - there’s definitely a style here that will speak to you straightaway.  

Nature on a pedestal 

In a world full of (mis)information where it’s far from clear what is and isn’t true, nature offers certainty. Seasons change, plants produce buds and bloom, and if you look after them properly, everything will go well. That feeling of certainty and security is given a leading role in the home by placing plants on a pedestal both literally and figuratively and so achieving peace.  

Plants with a function 

Apps, trackers, smartmeters and other technological innovations are changing the interior in a way that we haven’t experienced in over fifty years. This surprising and innovative style is all about functionality, wellness and vitality in the home. For plants this means that they no longer need to be simply decorative, but also have a real function and say something about how you approach life. 

There’s always scope for more fun

Had enough of the news, uncertainty and stress? Things should be less serious, with less responsibility and obligations and more high-spirited enjoyment. Find an outlet for the tension with plants that break all the styling rules and create humour and relaxation. Rules are made to be broken - that’s the mood you find in this rowdy interior style.

Houseplant equality 

Equal rights and equal duties is a movement which is getting ever stronger. You see that equality reflected in the interior, where masculine shapes are executed in feminine colours and feminine elements are given a rugged look. Plants play an essential role in this: they are the star performers that create a link between the living and inanimate material in the home. Find out how to create that new coherence.