Wedding trend: Foliage aisle décor

Deck the aisles with boughs and garlands

It’s where the bride and her wedding party make their grand entrance and the happy couple take the first momentous steps of their journey together – and yet despite being the focal point of every wedding, the aisle is often overlooked when it comes to decoration and dressing.

Of course, you don’t want the surroundings to upstage the bride, but a few strategically placed garlands of foliage draped between the seats could take your ceremony from so-so to sensational.

Wedding Foliage thejoyofplantsCopyright: Troy Grover Photographers/Style Me Pretty

Silver shimmer

If you’re going for a soft, rustic vibe with lots of white and muted tones, opt for garlands of foliage with a frosted finish, such as silvery-white eucalyptus branches. Glass lanterns add a magical touch for outdoor weddings after dusk.

Glorious garlands

Whitewashed bistro chairs and lush garlands of foliage make a pretty addition to an al fresco country wedding. Intertwine with tiny white flowers, such as gypsophila, and white berries.

Wild beauty

For a laid-back and informal feel, opt for armfuls of foliage in a variety of textures, loosely gathered, haphazardly arranged and casually pinned to simple wooden foldaway chairs.

Loose leaf

Another way to prevent your garlands from looking too formal and overdone is to use branches of different lengths with a few left hanging down. Think of it as the foliage equivalent of a messy up-do with casual tendrils left loose.

Low slung

Swapping straight-backed chairs for low benches enables you to have your garlands trail along the floor, which is a beautiful way to create a dramatic runway effect. Elegant, pointed magnolia leaves create a beautiful texture.

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