Urban Jungle Bloggers on green inspiration and bonding

Last time we presented you with the first edition of our Exposé video project. With these films - 12 in total - we will introduce you to extraordinary trendsetting people in the flower and plant industry. This time it’s Exposé #02: Urban Jungle Bloggers Judith de Graaff and Igor Josifovic.

Judith and Igor live in different countries and in totally different settings. “We met one another by accident in Paris,” explains Judith. “There we discovered that we have a shared passion, namely plants. But our lifestyles are very different. Igor therefore deals with plants very differently from me, and vice versa. We exchanged ideas about plant care and plant decoration online and soon noticed that this was also of interest to other people. We decided to start an online community under the name Urban Jungle Bloggers for people with a passion for plants.”

Being inspired, and inspiring others

Every month Judith and Igor share a green topic with their followers on www.urbanjunglebloggers.com. “We don’t just share our own ideas on the topic, but also ask our followers to participate in the blog and pass on their own inspiration. Visitors to our site therefore learn new things from us and from one another. That means that our community is also a platform to achieve a higher profile for yourself and your own plant-related ideas,” says Igor.

One big green family

Judith and Igor get the inspiration for their monthly topics from all over the place. Judith: “Of course you can find an awful lot of inspiration online, from the comfort of your own home. But I also get inspiration by travelling, by really meeting people and talking to them about how plants are part of their lives.” Igor nods: “People are incorporating plants into their lives and living environments everywhere. Simply walking through a city soon yields all sorts of new discoveries. That voyage of discovery is also what attracts our followers: they like to have new experiences with other people.” Judith adds: “It’s remarkable to see how our community brings people together from all over the world. Your neighbour is nearby, but you usually don’t share a passion with him. But someone on the other side of the world may think and feel like you do. Our site enables a plant lover from Australia to establish a connection with a plant lover from North America, for example. The uniting passion for plants means that our community is growing and flourishing like a real green family!”

Want to find out more about Judith and Igor and their community? Then watch the film now.

More plants in your life too?

With Urban Jungle Bloggers, Judith and Igor hope to trigger your need for more plants in your life. Igor: “Plants make your home cosier and healthier. Whatever your lifestyle may be, there are always plants to suit you!” Want to be inspired by Urban Jungle Bloggers or join the blog yourself? Visit the site or follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest en Instagram.  

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