Uncinia rubra

Russet ornamental grass with nonchalant plumes

This beautiful grass brings a copper glow to the garden and patio which fits seamlessly with the autumn and sets your whole view on fire.

The russet leaves of Uncinia rubra are quite narrow. However, the plant has a lot of foliage that grows in a casual full clump. It curls slightly at the ends, bringing a unique and lively colour accent to the garden. The colour is most prominent in the summer thanks to the blooming of russet flower spikes. As autumn arrives, the rust-coloured grass announces the change of season. The plant retains its deep red colour through the winter months. Unicina rubra grows to a maximum height of 50 cm. The compact shape means it can also serve as a feature in a small garden or on the balcony.

Well hello!

Uncinia rubra is a member of the Carex family and grows particularly in New Zeeland. The first reference to this ornamental grass dates from 1849. The plants spread further via Australia. It’s an excellent plant for countering erosion in the garden: easy, strong and sturdy, with a substantial root system that holds on to the soil well. The eye-catching colour makes Unicina rubra a popular accent plant, particularly because the colour looks its best at a time when most garden plants are past their peak. Because the plant does not grow very large, the effect is greatest if several specimens are placed together.

Uncinia rubra trivia

• The Maori name for this ornamental grass freely translates as ‘eternal flame’.

• Unicina rubra fits perfectly in a Japanese garden; it’s a dream match with Japanese maple.