Tribal fashion from Mother Nature

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The Omo Valley in East Africa lies on the border of Kenya, Sudan and Ethiopia. Here you can find various tribes, each with their own history, customs and philosophy. What they have in common is the creativity with which they use flowers and plants as well as mud and animals to prepare themselves for special occasions. 

Hans Silvester Surma & Mursi tribe East Africa's Omo Valley Hans Silvester

What are we wearing today?

There's no need to stand in front of the wardrobe pondering endlessly what you should wear today. Pop into the bushes and pick and grab whatever catches your eye: a never-ending torrent of creativity. Banana leaves as a scarf, dried grass as a headdress, carefully arranged flowers that serve as a crown, an architectural structure of branches on the head, a flower in the mouth. The members of these tribes are able to make the best of the resources available. 


They produce top-to-toe creations with the simple aim of impressing one another. And it doesn’t have to be super-perfect. The tribes don’t have mirrors, so it can be a bit casual here and there. There are no rules - thinking outside the box African style!

Take a look at the pictures of the Omo Valley tribes and enjoy these fabulous outfits. Tribal fashion straight from Mother Nature. Do you have a favourite?

Hans Silvester Surma & Mursi tribe East Africa's Omo Valley Mooiwatplantendoen Copyright: Hans Silvester