Stunning plants that make you double take

Weird and wonderful blooms that look uncannily like other things

With their primary purpose being to attract pollinating insects, butterflies and birds with their enticing colours and attractive forms, plants that flower are one of nature’s great works of art. But while most of us have marvelled at the beauty of a garden in bloom – how many of us have ever stopped to really look at plants and explore their intricate details?

The closer you look, the more beauty you will uncover. But in the case of the remarkable blooms below you might find more than you expected.

From birds in flight and ballerinas to Darth Vader’s mask and Mick Jagger’s lips – these unique flowers look uncannily like something else…

Double take plants Copyright: Pure Clover

Hot Lips

Nicknamed Hot Lips, Hooker’s Lips, or our personal favourite Mick Jagger Lips, this luscious red pouting flower (Psychotria elata) hails from the rain forests of Central and South America. Its inviting colour and form evolved to attract pollinators, such as hummingbirds and butterflies.

White egret orchid

Found on the grassy wetlands of Japan, the Korean Peninsula and parts of China, the beautiful white egret orchid resembles a bird in flight with its delicate yet dramatic plumage-like petals.

Happy alien

From the sublime to the ridiculous: these ‘happy aliens’ (Calceolaria uniflora), discovered by Darwin during his expedition of South America, look like impossibly cute, smiley extra-terrestrials.

Darth Vader

Equally otherworldly but not-so happy-looking is Aristolocia salvadorensis – or Darth Vader as it’s known by Star Wars fans. The Sith Lord lookalike is native to South America but would make a great houseplant for the Death Star.

Monkey orchid

We defy you to look at a picture of a monkey orchid (Dracula Simia) without breaking into a smile. This epiphytic orchid grows on the sides of mountains at high altitudes in the forests of Ecuador and Peru. Blooming at any season, its flowers have an orange fragrance.


Yes, the orchid strikes again! This native Australian bloom, which grows singularly or in groups, looks remarkably like a tiny pirouetting ballerina complete with upturned arms, pointed toes and a delicate white tutu.

Swaddled baby orchid

We might just have reached peak cuteness with the swaddled baby orchid (Anguloa uniflora). A terrestrial orchid from the Colombian Andes, its delicate curved petals gently envelop the centre of the flower to create the illusion of a newborn baby wrapped in swaddling clothes.

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