Stunning African botanical prints!

Fashion & Africa

Colour and prints are fabulous, particularly if you integrate them in your outfit. You can make a statement with them, brighten your day and they will still be absolutely fabulous in 10 years! Brace yourself for a big serving of African prints with a botanical twist. 

Nature as inspiration

What is notable about the dresses, skirts, trousers and headscarves is that nature is so often the source of inspiration. Every region has its own colours or patterns, but throughout Africa we see flowers and plants recur in the fabrics. Did you know that a lot of African textile is manufactured in the Netherlands? Vlisco in Helmond has been setting trends in African fashion for over 150 years.

Top to toe in print

We promise: everybody really can wear a print outfit! Choose a colour that suits you and the most flattering shape, and finish it with stunning accessories. A long evening dress, a jumpsuit to wear to the beach or trousers with a crop top: there really is a print for everyone!

Daredevil: combining prints

Do you dare combine different prints and colours? When done successfully, it’s very contemporary. Add a hat, slip on some stylish footwear and you’re ready to rule the world!

Say it with flowers

Some people really can wear anything! Are you one of the lucky ones? Opt for a stunning headscarf and finish styling your look with a contrasting flower. Or even better, a whole string or stem with flowers. Wowsa! If you’re getting married and are lucky enough to have Afro hair or fabulous curls, just stick Gysophila in your hair. No tiara required!