Stephanotis: bursting with green luck

The best plant to toast with!
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Everyone could do with some luck - whether it’s a bit of luck to get that expensive flowerpot you've been dreaming about for a bargain, or for more serious matters - let’s give ourselves a helping hand with the white-flowering Stephanotis! This ‘have you landed on your feet again?’ plant symbolises luck and purity. Give the rabbits back their feet, stop looking for four leaf clovers and put down your lucky charm. 

Spread the green luck

If luck on your windowsill is not enough and you want to take it with you everywhere, that’s no problem. There are various perfumes that incorporates Stephanotis’s fairytale flowers, but nothing beats the pure fragrance of the perfumed flowers on the plant itself.

If you leave the plant - which originates from Madagascar - to do its own thing, the green tendrils will slowly take over your entire house. They spiral around everything, spreading a lily/jasmine-esque fragrance as they go. It’s like your home is being sprinkled with sweet-smelling luck.

Here comes the Stephanotis bride

This rugged plant with its cute flowers also symbolises ‘happily ever after’ when you tie the knot and the desire to travel. It doesn’t matter whether that’s a journey you will be making together literally or metaphorically. A Stephanotis arch, Stephanotis bouquet and Stephanotis corsage are therefore essential at a wedding; if it’s good enough for the bride, it’s good enough for us. 

A toast to all

Stephanotis is very beautiful in its own right, so much so that Marilyn Monroe filled her house with them. The flowers are fragile and soft, the leaves are strong and the stems are tough. If you’re going to combine a fabulous appearance, beautiful fragrance and a source of luck together, we certainly want some of that. We’re opting for luck so feel free to walk under a ladder or break as many mirrors as you like! Place the beautiful flowers on your glass and use them for a sweet-scented toast. Cheers – to luck!