The Serene House: nature takes over London

From concrete jungle to lush indoor oasis

Calling all Londoners! This autumn, we're bringing a lush indoor oasis to the concrete jungle. The Serene House is open on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd November besides Tower Bridge at Potters Fields Park on Tooley Street, London.

The Serene House
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Step inside a tranquil haven of rich green nature at The Serene House. It's a living oasis, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Quieten your mind with a guided forest bathing meditation and try out earthing, one of hottest wellbeing trends, on a special moss mat.

Marvel at the rich biodiversity of the space. A variety of different species of houseplants and freshly flowers will be on display, all renowned for their serenity-promoting properties. From Aloe to Anthurium and Freesia and Cymbidium to Chrysanthemum, they'll help you relax and will boost your mood.

Experience how pioneering digital artist Rek0de has reimagined Tower Bridge as 'Flower Bridge'. Watch houseplants and flowers burst from the Tate Modern and Kensington's iconic Brutalist Trellick Tower. It's urban rewilding in action!

Spend 15 minutes of peace in this biophilic wonderland and deeply connect to the power of plants and flowers. They'll help you to restore, relax and refocus. Be inspired to integrate nature into your own home and discover the hidden pockets of nature that exist all around us - even in the heart of the city.

Maintain the feeling of calm and peace by checking out our virtual reality experience Botanical Wonders, letting nature take over your environment and transforming grey to green and chaos to calm.

The Serene House is free to experience and will be open between 10am-6pm on Thursday 2nd November and Friday 3rd November for drop-in sessions - booking is not required.

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