Science meets nature at Plant-in City

‘Smart’ terrariums that can be controlled by your smartphone

Is it architecture? Is it horticulture? Is it technology? This beautifully designed modular terrarium system is all three – and much more. The result of a collaboration between architects, designers, and technologists, Plant-in City combines modular architecture, basic laws of physics, digital technology, and mobile computing to create ways of interacting with nature in the shape of state-of-the-art, sculptural terrariums.

The design

Each terrarium frame is made with cedar wood and copper piping and has digital sensors and integrated lighting controlled by smartphone app. The plants are housed in a beautifully designed structure that’s nearly self-sustaining.

“After all, plants improve our quality of life and nurture us on an everyday basis; we think it's only fair to nurture them in return,” it states on the Plant-In City website.

The modular design means that the individual ‘boxes’ can operate as independent terrariums, or “with extensive modular components to create a diverse ecosystem” like your own personal park.

Smart gardening

The technology behind these ‘smart’ terrariums is pretty mind-blowing. The plants are able to ‘speak’ about their wellbeing, making one sound if the soil is dry and another if it’s wet, as well as additional sounds for day, night, humidity and temperature levels.

Community gardens

These stunning installations – like community gardens for the digital age – look equally at home in galleries, public spaces, cultural institutions – or even apartments (just imagine!).

Or why not treat yourself to a smaller-scale terrarium from the new, super-stylish Plant-In MINI range.

If you don’t have the budget for one of these architecture designed terrariums, why not try making your own coffee pot or light bulb terrarium at home.