Positive effects of plants on the work floor

How can you stay fresh and fit at the office?

The air quality in modern office buildings is generally not optimal. The printer, photocopier, air conditioning: they all release invisible, but dangerous emissions. These chemical emissions, even in small concentrations, are bad for your health. Low humidity also contributes to bad air quality. The humidity is especially reduced during winter because of cold air (which is generally dry air) and central heating. This combination can result in headaches, tiredness and eye, nasal and airway irritations.

The plant as miracle cure

Your plant can filter a portion of the chemical emissions, such as formaldehyde and benzene, out of the air. The plant does this through ‘mini mouths’ on the leaves, bacteria in the soil around the plant and via its roots. It turns the bad substances into food for itself, which is a great win-win situation. Another benefit of plants is the fact that as they breathe, water is released as a bi-product, which is good for air humidity.*

* Based on research by NASA


No Stress

An experiment by Helen Russell at Surrey University showed that people were less stressed in an area with plants, than people who sat in a space without plants, while they were working on a difficult task.


Noisy printers, ringing telephones, laughing colleagues, long live the office garden.  With the right plants in the right place, you can improve your concentration, as plants help to reduce the effect of noise. Their leaves capture sound waves, send them back or spread them. Place your plant in a corner and it will give the best effect and a group of plants is even better.*

* Based on research carried out at South Bank University in London

Fucus benjamina

Creative with plants

Good news for people in the service or creative sector. Your creativity will increase with a plant on your desk. Researchers think that this is the result of the healing and soothing effect of plants. If you are calm and feel good and healthy, you have more space in your head for creative ideas.*

And whatever the plant does at the office, it can do at home as well!

* Based on research by TNO in 2007