Plant cuttings, in a vase with a message

How to make the best sentiments and plants last

Do you sometimes give flowers or plants with a card? An ordinary postcard, or a small card that you tied to the stem? Sometimes the message is lost amidst all that botanical beauty. The makers of the Flower Note Bud Vase have come up with a fantastic idea and the perfect solution if you're one to gift cuttings to loved ones.

Flower note bud vase

Plant and message in one

If you want to thank someone, congratulate them on something special or just tell them that you love them, select the loveliest stem, cutting, or most beautiful leaf and express your feelings on the message card. The mini-vase ensures that they can both be displayed for as long as possible.

The Flower Note Bud Vase costs 20 dollars and can be ordered via Who will you surprise?