Pet friendly plants

The safest foliage for your four-legged friends

As curious-minded creatures, most pets will chew on pretty much anything they can get their paws on – and that includes our houseplants. But while some plants might make fair game for the occasional nibble, others can be toxic to our furry friends.

Here are a few popular non-toxic plants that won’t cause your pet any harm. Whether your pet will cause the plant any harm is another matter so you’d still be wise to keep them out of paws’ reach!

Pet friendly plants Copyright: bloglovin

Pet-safe palms

Palms are great for bringing a taste of the tropics into your home. But pet-owners should steer clear of the Sago palm, which can cause damage to the liver when ingested by a dog or cat. Opt instead for the equally exotic-looking Bamboo, Parlor or Kentia palm.

Friendly ferns

Exploding with intricately textured leaves, ferns are at once majestic and delicate, making them ideal for statement pieces for the home. And good news: three of our favourites ferns have got the pet-friendly stamp of approval. Take your pick from the Maidenhead, Boston and Bird’s Nest varieties.


With its sculptural form and delicate tones, the orchid makes a pretty addition to any space, whether it’s bringing a touch of elegance to an occasional table or creating that luxury spa feel in the bathroom. Rest assured, it won’t cause any harm to your pet but just make sure your pet doesn’t get its paws on those precious petals.


Available in a whole range of dusky pastel hues and requiring relatively little watering, succulents are both stylish and low-maintenance – and make excellent office desk companions. Their plump, juicy-looking leaves are non-toxic to inquisitive pets. 

Spider plants

The spider plant is a safe bet for pet-owners and looks dramatic perched on a shelf or in a hanging planter, where its long, soft spikes can produce cascading plantlets. These can look like tempting toys for climbing cats though, so if in doubt, keep it on a high shelf. 

A word of warning…

If your pet does have an adverse reaction after nibbling at a plant, The Dogs Trust advises you to contact your veterinary surgeon for immediate treatment and advice.