A pencil you can plant

Sprout grows into a herb plant of your choice!

Growing a plant from seeds is always a rewarding experience but putting seeds in some soil isn't the only way to begin the journey to having your own herb garden. If you're after a more curious way, how about growing your fresh herbs from the remains of a pencil? With Sprout it's as easy as that!

A Sprout pencil on joyofplants.co.ukCopyright: Sprout - www.plantyourpencil.com
A basil plant growing from a Sprout pencil

The pencil

When you first get your Sprout pencils you use them as you'd expect. Whether you need to make a note to remind you to water your houseplants or you are writing your weekly shopping list they can be used like any other pencil. Unlike other pencils, once they get too short to write with they have another use which is far more interesting.

The plants

When the pencil gets too short to write with, simply place the dark end into a small pot of soil with the tip facing upwards and you'll be on your way to growing your own herb plant. Keep watering the plant and give it plenty of sunlight and then you will begin to see it grow. Every pencil contains at least five pesticide-free seeds inside the capsule so with a lot of love and care you should be able to sprout your very own plant!

Plenty of variety

There are currently 11 varieties of plants that you can grow from the pencils. All of them are best grown in a pot outside in your garden, balcony or terrace but the basil plant can also be grown indoors. To find out more about the different types of plants visit the Sprout website.