A peep into the plant-filled world of @satie_san

Botanical influencer

Spotted in The Green Gallery #12: plant artist Satoshi Kawamoto. This green influencer (born in 1974) from Japan has built a substantial following with his Instagram account @satie_san. We can see why. Brace yourself for a healthy dose of abs, tats, pups & plants.

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Green world

But it’s not just on Instagram where Satoshi Kawamoto shares his love of plants. He is regularly asked by cool high-profile fashion and lifestyle brands to dress a store, show, window or location. Hence he has worked for clients including Adidas, Madewell, & Other Stories, Papermag and GAP in various major cities around the world.


Me and him ・・・ #hanging #plants #interior #love #boyswithplants #monkey

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An everyday window

On his Instagram account Satoshi offers a more everyday window into his life. Satoshi with his dog Zorro (who also has his own account), Satoshi in a stylish outfit next to a couple of stunning green plants, a detail shot of unusual plant leaves, a detail shot of his toned body full of tattoos, but equally shots of his latest interior accessory acquisitions for his fabulous apartment in Milan. And what do we find in the interior? Yes, plenty of greenery!


Philodendron oxycardium ・・・ #philodendronoxycardium #philodendron #greenfingers

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Don't read, but look

The mix of finesse, masculinity and greenery appears to be a hit. A great account to follow if you’re a fan of plants and can also appreciate other beautiful things in life.

Finish looking?

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#throwback #singapore photo by @eritsukimoto

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