Palm trees: The perfect post-Christmas pick-me-up

Goodbye Christmas tree! Hello palm!

Nothing injects the festive spirit into a home quite like a Christmas tree in all its colourful and twinkling glory. But come January, when your tree is recycled, your house can feel a bit empty. This is where the palm comes in: a great way to fill that green void.

A taste of the tropics

The palm makes an ideal replacement for a Christmas tree for a variety of reasons. It competes with the festive fir, spruce or pine in size and majesty. Plus, with its fabulous fan-like leaves, it brings an entirely new mood to the room.

While the Christmas tree evokes images of snow-capped mountains, reindeer and the joys of winter, the palm brings a touch of the tropics and a nod to the warmer months, at a time when the cold days and dark nights of winter are stretching ahead.

Which palm is right for you?

The Parlour Palm is the most popular of the indoor palms and with the right care can grow up to 4ft tall. An easy-care plant, it can tolerate low light and colder conditions. But as a slow grower, to see it reach its peak height could take a few years. When you see the fronds in all their glory, you’ll realise it was worth the wait and may even be rewarded with yellow flowers.

The Bamboo Palm is a great pet-friendly option. Unlike the Sago Palm, its leaves are not poisonous. Keep it happy in a shady spot in your home – and if you’re lucky, it will reward you with flowers and berries.

The Kentia Palm (also known as Howea and nicknamed the Hollywood Palm) is also a popular houseplant choice thanks to its elegant, stylish appearance and explosion of fresh green leaves.