An organic jewel

Natural beauty for your ring finger

The ring symbolises eternity and with it you can enjoy greenery forever: nature’s magnificence right there on your finger! Sylwia Calus is fascinated by nature and uses it as inspiration when she creates her jewellery. How about this stylish moss ring - it’s desirable, isn’t it? Will you take nature as your botanical spouse, to have and to hold?

Mosring, by Sylwia Calus DesignCopyright: Sylwia Calus Design

Captured in resin

Inspired by the beauty around her, this Polish jewellery artist places outstanding elements from nature - from moss and pine cones to acorns - in heated resin. Once it’s hardened, you end up with the most fabulous creations. Sylwia Calus’s ring appears in the second edition of The Green Gallery, the glossy botanical magazine which is all about plants this issue.