No baubles, but cheerful bromeliads!

An alternative Christmas tree flowers and fascinates

One of the best things about Christmas is indeed decorating the tree. If you are looking for a change from tradition, why not try out this alternative tree?

Kerst: groen moet je doen

Jungle Bells!

You will already have seen Christmas trees made of twigs or rustic wood. This Christmas tree with a twist will enhance your wall this year with flowering tropical plants which come straight out of the jungle – surprising and cheerful!

This is what you will need:

  • 1 Large sheet of wood - 1 x 2 metres
  • 7 Small planks - 15 x 15 cm
  • 6 Bromeliads in small pots
  • 1 Large bromeliad
  • 7 Chocolate brown boxes (or strong brown cardboard)
  • Pink sticky tape
  • Light blue paint

How to create an alternative Christmas tree:

  1. Paint the sheet of wood light blue.
  2. Cut a Christmas tree shape that is a little smaller than the background.
  3. Draw the shape on the background and stick the pink tape on the lines.
  4. Screw the planks to the points of the tree.
  5. Cut, fold and stick the brown boxes, placing the plants in them: the large one can be the ‘star’ on the top.