Must-have: Classic Carrier Bag

Not just practical but beautiful too!

Tina Guillory is the founder of The Carrier Company in Norfolk. As a gardener she knows better than anyone what’s essential when gardening: a bag to carry garden waste. Rather than buying one, she decided to make it herself. It’s a bag with handles made of eco-friendly jute. You can use it to collect fallen leaves and weeds that have been pulled up, or carry bunches of flowers into your home – it’s multifunctional! The Classic Carrier Bag is lightweight and super-strong. When the bag’s empty, you can easily fold it into a square and hang it on a hook on the wall or in the shed. It looks great and makes you look like a real gardening pro!

You can buy the Classic Carrier Bag from The Carrier Company's webshop

Carrier Company Tina Guillory

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