A must for garden lovers: you need this garden diary

Packed with garden jobs every month

When is the best time to prune roses bushes? How and when do you feed your lawn? What should you do to combat slugs and snails, and how do you protect your plants against late night-time frosts? When you start gardening - and even when you've been doing it for years - you will quickly encounter all sorts of questions. Luckily the gardening book ‘Gardening through the Year’ can provide the answers.

Gardening through the year - Thejoyofplants.co.uk


If you want to maintain your garden properly, you need lots of knowledge. Luckily there is now ‘Gardening through the Year’ by gardening expert Ian Spence (who played an important role in BBC’s Gardener’s World for many years as Head Gardener at Barnsdale). He helps you to navigate the many variable factors in a garden’s microclimate. In that way you constantly get to know the world of the garden - which is intertwined with the seasons - a bit better.


The book takes you through the year systematically. The most important plants are highlighted when it’s their time to shine, it contains handy lists of what to do when, and you can find plenty of advice about plant care as well as additional information about maintaining lawns and ponds.


With more than 1000 photographs of a wide variety of plant and garden projects you always have enough inspiration to transform your garden into a green paradise and get stuck in. An essential book for all garden adventurers - whether you’re just starting out or have been wielding your spade for years.

Ian Spence’s book ‘Gardening through the Year’ is available here.