Marcin Rusak: the Flora Collection

Transience captured - temporarily

Flowers and the name Marcin Rusak go hand-in-hand. His Flora collection is characterised by the stylistic use of decaying flowers captured in resin.

Marcin Rusak Expose 20

As you can read in the in-depth interview with Marcin Rusak, he first explores what materials are available. Only then is a (design) object created. The transience of flowers and consumer items is the focus of the Flora collection. ‘With the collection I have been experimenting in order to observe the life path - the decay - of flowers instead of trying to stop it. The collection started with a lamp, screen and table, but has now expanded considerably.’

Failed attempts

Marcin Rusak obviously won’t give away the unique recipe for making the flowers transform within the resin, but he does discuss the complex process in more depth in the interview. ‘It’s tricky because you’re working with two different materials. They both have life in their own way, with different characteristics. You can give them a different effect, a different look, depending on temperatures and moisture: something that looks almost glass-like, or actually looks very plastic. What you see is the result of many failed attempts. The one time when it works after trying time and again, that kick, was the reason for creating the Flora collection.’

Hard to choose

Now here’s the big question: will you opt for the lamp, the table or perhaps a sculpture? We’re finding it hard to choose!