Make giving more fun with wrapping

Make the most of these botanical wrapping tips

You pondered about the perfect present for weeks, but when it arrived from the online shop, there was no beautiful wrapping paper, and it didn't have the WOW factor. Then, you worried whether its poor appearance would make your gift feel less thoughtful on Christmas morning. But don’t fret — with these wrapping tips, your perfect gift will be dressed to impress.


Good preparation makes all the difference

Trust us when we say that the right tools will save you an awful lot of headaches. Stop messing around with torn paper and rolls of sticky tape with broken ends. All you'll get are paper cuts and messy-looking parcels. Make a checklist: scissors, adhesive tape, wrapping paper, ribbon and the finest plants.

Simple and straightforward

It’s trickier to wrap a triangle or ball, so leave those gifts for after you've mastered the simple box. Choose wrapping paper that matches the gift: a very stylish block colour or a luscious print that makes you want to know what's inside. Carefully measure the paper — that's the most important bit — decide on the top and the bottom of the parcel, then start wrapping. With luck, you'll only need three small bits of adhesive tape. Done? Then on to the decoration!

Finishing touches

A velvet ribbon or a length of colourful string lends a bit of extra pizzaz to any gift. However you'll need to go the extra mile - or at least to the garden centre - in order to really make your present pop under the Christmas tree. A tightly wrapped gift with a beautiful ribbon and a tropical plant leaf as a feature ornament is guaranteed to be a hit.

It’s just as much fun to share as it is to give, so display your wrapping result on Instagram with the hashtag #thejoyofplants. We'd love to see it.