Light up your autumn garden

5 of the best outdoor lighting ideas

Bring light into the darkness this autumn with pretty or unusual outdoor lighting for your garden or balcony. We have listed five of our favourite lamps for you. Which one(s) will you choose?


The Guidelight from Weltevree is multifunctional: the lamp provides ambient light, or it can be used as a flashlight — or even a spotlight. If your lamp runs out of power, you can easily recharge it with a USB cable.

Watching monkeys

The famous Seletti monkey lamp is also available in an outdoor version, making it a stylish asset to your outdoor jungle. This lamp will light up a grey autumn day, and bring a smile to your face at the same time.

Music & Light

This mobile table lamp from Paulmann is a music box as well as a lamp. It will play your favourite songs via Bluetooth for an astonishing six hours. What's more, the lamp is dimmable, so you can create all sorts moods for your music.

Giant lamp

Do you subscribe to the philosophy that more is more? Then the Lummel lamp from Dutch design company Mal is for you. This outdoor anglepoise is more than two meters high and made from recycled plastic. It's a pop-art statement piece for a garden.

Light on a rope

Lights up, mood on. The Lumisky Vinty cord of shaded lights quickly creates an intimate feeling in the garden. Tuck a blanket around your knees, curl up with a hot chocolate, and enjoy the warm glow from overhead.


What lights do you have in your autumn garden? Show us with #thejoyofplants — we'd love to see how you've designed your cosy outdoor spaces!