Keep your plants happy while you’re on holiday

Because every gardener deserves a break…

Going away this summer and wondering what state your house and garden plants are going to be in by the time you get back? Fear not, with a little advanced preparation, your plants will be looking as healthy as you (with that post-holiday glow) when you return.

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Keeping your houseplants happy

Keep the heat off: If you’re just going away for a few days, give all your plants a good watering before you leave and remove them from hot or sunny spots where they could be in danger of dehydrating.

Bag them up: If you’re going away for longer, keep your plants moist by placing a plastic bag over them and sealing it up. This will create a humid environment by circulating and recycling moisture rather than allowing it to evaporate.

Set up a self-watering system: There are plenty of self-watering systems on the market, which allow your plants to be drip-fed with water throughout your holiday. Or you could always create your own: here are some of our favourite self-watering plant hacks.

Don’t over-water: Placing your plants in water might seem like a good idea but subject the wrong plants to this method and you could return to soggy, or worse, rotten, roots. For a more gradual effect, place your pots on a damp towel or mat. 

Taking care of your garden plants

Give them the best start: Again, if you’re only going away for a short break, your plants should be fine if you give them a really thorough watering before you leave. With a bit of luck, it might even rain!

Invest in the right tools: From hoses filled with holes, that allow water to leak slowly into the soil – to fully automated timer systems that are the next best thing to a diligent neighbour popping round every day – there are a huge variety of self-watering garden systems on offer.

Protect your pots: Group your pot plants together in a shady corner and invest in some shade netting from your local garden centre. This will help prevent them drying out.

Check for pests: You don’t want unwanted visitors turning up and having a field day in your garden while you’re away – so do a thorough pest check before you go. Spray where necessary and get rid of any infested plants.

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