Interview: Urban Jungle Bloggers

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When we came across the Urban Jungle Bloggers we were totally inspired by their homes and their commitment to sharing houseplant tips that we just had to find out more. Much to our delight, Igor Josifovic from Happy Interior Blog and Judith de Graaff from JOELIX, were happy to offer us their insights and share a few of their tips...

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Why did you start Urban Jungle Bloggers?

Igor: First and foremost because we love houseplants. We also sensed it was the right moment to share our passion for greens in interiors with other readers and bloggers which eventually led to the creation of our online community called 'Urban Jungle Bloggers'.

Judith: You've said it all Igor!

What’s your favourite plant in your home?

Igor: Difficult question! I really like all my plants but I pay lots of attention to my Pilea plant - I received some Pilea shoots via mail from Sweden and it thrives in my home now. So it has a special place in my heart.

Judith: Definitely the paddle leaf cactus plant that I brought home from Corsica. In the past few years he had many brothers and sisters (I simply replanted some of his paddle leaves) and they all grow in the most weird shapes like true equilibrists.

Where do you find inspiration for your interiors from?

Igor: From many sources - from other blogs, magazines, books, but also from my numerous travels. I love to discover green spaces in other countries and cities and get inspired for new ideas and projects.

Judith: Everywhere! From walking around, traveling, professional gardens, magazines, instagram, blogs, books, our Pinterest board. I also love visiting local plant nurseries in the countries I visit and see what and how they grow. And I discovered some very clever watering tricks in the most recent edition of Urban Jungle Bloggers that I'm trying out in my greenhouse right now.

Have you noticed any trends in houseplants?

Igor: I think that cacti and succulents are trending pretty much at the moment as well as other rather sculptural plants like monsteras, Pileas, snake plants and more. These plants not only add green to a home but also serve as a living decoration and styling element for the interior design fans among us.

Judith: Absolutely, cacti and succulents are everywhere! They are easy to maintain if you don't over-water them and have an instant "look". I also see lots of fig trees in Scandi-style homes. Their beautiful swirly leaves compliment the black and white so well.

Do you have any top tips for people who don’t have any houseplants but want to start adding greenery to their home?

Igor: Start slowly and simple. Buy a plant that needs a minimum of attention like a succulent or cactus. Google your plant, get to know what your plant likes regarding light, care, watering. And don't overdo anything. More plants are killed by overcare like too much water than by neglect. Take it easy and get into the green flow!

Judith: Great tips, Igor! I'd suggest to also choose your first plant because of its looks. Cactus plants or succulents come in many different shapes and colors. Choose one that fits your style and interior and play around with different kinds of plant pots. Most succulents are also very easy to propagate. Simply place the broken off leaves flat on the soil of a plant pot and keep moist until they grow tiny pink roots. Anyone can grown plants, simply get to know your plant and nurture it!

Thanks so much to Igor and Judith for sharing their insights! For more inspiration, head to the Urban Jungle Bloggers Facebook page and take a look at the gallery below to explore how they're both featuring houseplants in their homes.