Indian Summer: September Garden Plants of the Month

Late summer with a golden glow

It's becoming increasingly common: an unusual period of warm, dry weather in the northern hemisphere in September and October during which you can still comfortably enjoy your garden outside. The phenomenon is called an Indian summer, and is characterised by the fabulous changing colours of nature and an extension of the outdoor season. A lot of the plants in your garden will be past their peak, but with our selection of Indian Summer plants, you can bring new life, fresh greenery and particularly plenty of colour to the scene. These are late bloomers that will put on a show for this time of year with fabulous leaves and spectacular berries, but also plants with staying power to bring colour and excitement to your garden until well into the autumn and the winter months. And that golden Indian summer starts now.

5 x Indian Summer at home:
Trumpet vine
Spindle tree
Japanese Andromeda
Smoke tree

Indian Summer