The House Gardener by Isabelle Palmer

Inspiration for beautiful indoor gardens

Whether or not you have outdoor space to start a garden, you can always turn your house into a garden with terrariums, mini Zen gardens or even an indoor water garden. Isabelle Palmer’s The House Gardener is sprawling with ideas to fill your home with unique and refreshing greenery.

Win a copy of The House Gardener by Isabelle PalmerCopyright: Helen Cathcart

Make the most of your indoor space

Whatever the size of your home, The House Gardener is full of tips to help bring your indoor garden to life. Looking for a way to give your hanging plants a modern update? Marvel at Isabelle’s macramé suspended terracotta potted plants inspired by 13th century weavers. Wondering how to add plants to your home? Bathrooms are an often overlooked place for indoor plants, so Isabelle recommends choosing plants that retain water well and thrive in warm surroundings, such as succulents like aloe or the tall prayer plant.

Get houseplant inspiration

If you want a beautiful coffee table book full of tips and inspiration to bring the beauty of an outdoor garden into your home, you can get Isabelle Palmer’s The House Gardener published by CICO Books here.