Head over heels about the Sky Planter

A remarkable plant pot which turns the world of the plant on its head

The Sky Planter is an innovative product for plants, taking a fresh look at plant pots and how these work in our modern day city homes.

Boskke's Sky Planter - thejoyofplants.co.uk
Boskke's Sky Planter

Plant on the ceiling

The Boskke design bureau has moved the plant pot from the ground to the ceiling. The pot hangs on top and the plant underneath. The Sky Planter has a clever watering system and saves space in the home. It's a very clever product, but above all the Sky Planter is a real eye catcher in the home.

Tips & Tricks

The Sky Planter is available in a range of materials, colours and prints. On Boskke’s website you can find tips about which plants are the most suitable for the Sky Planter and where you can buy the Sky Planter in the UK.