Green treasure in the city of Amsterdam

X marks the spot where you can find plant heaven

Plants are an essential part of today’s interiors. A single plant is no longer enough; we’re increasingly seeing the creation of urban jungles. Be enraptured by the green treasure at Bar Botanique, found in edition #6 of The Green Gallery

Bar Botanique Amsterdam

Jungle to sate your appetite

If you’re unlucky enough not to have a cheerful collection of greenery at home, you can still enjoy a plant safari in the city. At Bar Botanique in Amsterdam you can get your fill of delicious food under a plant canopy.  

Which plants can you spot?

The lush art deco ceiling of the restaurant is filled with palms, philodendron, ferns and monstera. A perfect complement to the lively mint green, apricot and gold interior. 

Take a seat

You really need to see it with your own eyes. Take a seat for a French Mediterranean lunch, dinner or drink and revel in the view. The perfect opportunity to enjoy the joy of plants!