Green Paper: From Grey to Green

Turn outdoor spaces into lush oases

Green is great. So why are our cities so incredibly grey? Expert Moniek Kuipers sheds some (photosynthesized) light on the issue by asking researchers, policymakers and entrepreneurs like Raymond Landegent of Groenemorgen, avid kitchen gardener Floor Korte and Judith van Lent of Studio May & June

Summarising her findings in a Green Paper, Moniek tells us how to breathe greenery back into our cityscapes, and enrich our grey pavements, streets, paths and avenues with plants, flowers and trees. No grand gestures needed. It’s the smaller, personal tweaks that make the biggest difference. 

Curious? Discover our Green Paper and find out what greenery can do for you and your environment.

grey to green living area

about Moniek kuipers

Moniek Kuipers (1986) is a content creator and photographer. She lives in Rotterdam with her husband, stepson and son and will be moving to a greener environment soon.

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