Green paper

How we are going to save the world with houseplants

Author Sidney Vollmer shares with us his personal story of how he transformed during covid from blunt houseplant executioner to tender plant aunt. While many people hoarded toilet paper in the pandemic, he and his two-year-old daughter collected plants and seeds. Encouraged by her enthusiasm as she greets her plants as she waters them, Sidney's hunger grows for more knowledge about these new green housemates. 

Plants with memory 

Sidney, who once would only give his plants the most cursory attention, takes us along with him on his journey of discovery. He learns about plants alive today that already existed when we were still living in the Stone Age, plants that imitate stones, and plants with memory. He discovers which plants can move, and learns about the beautiful interrelationship between plants, fungi and animals. Overwhelmed by his discoveries, Sidney comes to realise that houseplants could actually save the world.

Plant ambassadors, plant influencers and plant evangelists wanted

But how exactly can we save the world with houseplants? Discover the Green Paper here and discover all there is to know about the everyday magic of the houseplant and how to get involved with making our environment more green.

How we are going to save the world with houseplants -
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About Sidney Vollmer

Sidney Vollmer is a writer. His last book ON / OFF: In Search of Balance in Digital Times is a collection of personal essays on culture and digital technology. He lives near Amsterdam with his girlfriend and daughter and their white cat, Snowden.

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